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December 22, 2021 Receptordon Out Now!

Receptordon Out Now!

Receptor Records are proud to present their latest release - the self-titled solo album from King Latts. King Latts is no stranger to Receptor Records, or the UK scene as a whole, thanks to his work as one half of the duo, Combined Mentalz, alongside Mr Synback. But this new album marks his debut solo release, as he prepares to take centre stage for the label’s latest offering. Weighing in at...
June 24, 2021 Reflections Out now!

Reflections Out now!


Receptor Records are excited to announce the debutant release of journeyman Tom Ryan’s solo album ‘Reflections’.

The project is a genuine means of catharsis for the bullish artist, pouring heart and soul into his premier body of work, Ryan displays a certain intrinsic nature when it comes to architecting words...

January 21, 2021 Omnipotent Out Now!

Omnipotent Out Now!

Receptor Records are proud to present the latest single from long-standing UK rapper, Tom Ryan.

Emerging from the same school of rhyme as fellow label affiliates, Combined Mentalz and King Kashmere, Tom Ryan has been steadily creating top notch hip hop for the last few years. As you will hear from this latest single, his sound is firmly rooted in the traditional...

October 21, 2020 WWLI Out Now!

WWLI Out Now!

Combined Mentalz step up to deliver another gem!

World We Live In is very much a song for the ages, forged from the frustrations and stresses that inundate our daily lives, as we bear witness to pain and injustice around the world. A feel-good anthem it is not, but essential listening it remains.

Mr Synback and King Latts’ pen game is as sharp...